The Cleveland Cavaliers are in serious discussions with the Indiana Pacers about star forward Paul George, and if a trade is to happen, it could occur within the next week, league sources have told Cavs Nation.

George’s agent informed the Pacers that George plans to opt out of his contract following the 2017-18 season and become an unrestricted free agent, according to a report from The Vertical.

The Pacers began making calls to gauge interest in George, and almost immediately found a potential suitor in the Cavs, sources said. The Pacers are hoping to move George before Thursday night’s NBA Draft.

Of course, they have made it clear they won’t just give away a talent such as George – and if the Cavs want the 26-year old Los Angeles native, they understand it could cost them All-Star power forward Kevin Love.

One theory being thrown around by sources is that the Cavs may be open to dealing Love if it lands George, and if former LeBron James teammate Chris Bosh is healthy enough to sign on.

The Cavs are said to have “legit” interest in George, according to a source, but they also understand making a deal work may be

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