We mostly learned about Cleveland’s two important young players.

The regular season is finally here. Starting tomorrow night, the Cavaliers officially begin their championship defense. The tease that was the NBA preseason has come and gone and no longer will Kay Felder and Jordan McRae lead the team in minutes.

The Cavaliers don’t have many roster questions and there isn’t a lot of ambiguity about how their players fit together or how they want to play. The big questions this preseason were: ‘‘Who is going to be the backup point guard?’ and ‘How will McRae and Felder fit into the roster equation once the regular season roles around?’.

The preseason in the NBA can be hard to judge. Teams have different motivations in different games so results and stats can be difficult to translate into value. There is not a designed dress rehearsal game like there is in the NFL so it can be hard to draw meaningful conclusion from exhibitions. With that said there were more than a few recurring themes that we saw from the games throughout the Cavaliers preseason.

To me the biggest take away from the preseason is that Felder can play basketball

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