James Jones isn’t just a luxury for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This will come as a shock to many of you, I’m sure, but there are a lot of NBA players who don’t like talking to the media on a daily basis. When things are good and the team is winning, sure, a lot of guys will open up, but it isn’t exactly the default expectation. When things are bad, or the team is struggling, though, you get even less. Guys don’t hang around the locker room during media availability in those situations. If it’s the end of the game, they’re out of there as quick as possible. If it’s before the game, all of sudden their pregame warm-ups are timed perfectly to coincide with the time the media spends there, or the training room is a new popular space.

This is not a sometime-media member complaining. I’m just sort of explaining how it goes. You might have a pregame media availability where the players just aren’t available. Not anyone’s fault.

Except one guy is always available. He’s there, chilling. He’s already warmed up and gotten his shots up. He’s in the arena early and he’s dressed and ready

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