Chicago Bulls fans everywhere salute you, Jimmy Butler. Here’s mine.

To say it has been an emotional time since the NBA Draft for the Chicago Bulls fandom would likely be the understatement of the summer.

There has been an unprecedented amount of negative energy directed towards management in the wake of the Jimmy Butler trade, even by BlogaBull standards. There will even be a billboard near the United Center voicing everyone’s displeasure with GarPax. It’s hard to argue against such a reaction given the slow, painful, and preventable collapse Bulls fans have witnessed over the last five years.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” It’s an expression that has helped me in bringing me back down from my place of un-tethered rage in response to the premature end of Butler’s Bulls career.

I want to inject some much-needed positivity into our Bulls community. I want look back on Jimmy Butler’s career both in and before Chicago fondly, because there is a lot to celebrate. I want to remember the indefatigable two-way ass-kicking machine that kept the Bulls passably watchable last season. But most importantly, I want to give Jimmy Butler all the thanks I can for

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