First, the good news:

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, the bad: The Toronto Raptors turned in another disaster of a performance on Thursday in Milwaukee, and unlike a Game 1 in which they did some things decent-to-well and learned a lot about the Bucks, this had little in the way of redeeming qualities. Unless you value playoff experience for the end of the bench, which you should not, because moral victories do not exist in the postseason. That’s especially true in the first round, when you’re a favorite that has now fallen into a 1-2 series hole, with both of the losses grading anywhere from disappointing to embarrassing.

The Raptors didn’t just lose. They were outclassed, outworked, and out-hustled. The Raptors talked up meeting the energy that Milwaukee would surely bring, and when the ball was rolled in, the Bucks punched them in the mouth and Toronto never found the gumption to push back.

“Our fans were great tonight,” Greg Monroe said after the game. “We felt the energy from the jump. I definitely think we got the chance to use it to our advantage, get out to an early lead, and kinda kept

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