The Process has produced some of the weirdest and greatest memorabilia a sports fan could ever dream of. How many other fanbases would line up to pose with a cardboard cutout of Vlade Divac, or cheer the raising of a banner for a GM who resigned?

But this, my friends, may just take the cake. Someone in the Philadelphia area has created a life-sized Joel Embiid balloon doll, and it can be yours for the price of a few power tools.

Here’s the entire listing for the, uh, “product,” in case it disappears.

I don’t know how or why but I am some sort of balloon prodigy, I can make literally anything out of balloons. Ridiculous giant balloon sculptures are great for parties, as a gift or just to leave on someone’s porch as a weird and confusing joke. I left a 5 foot T. rex in the first unlocked car I could find and I still laugh about it every day. I can deliver most sculptures by car but large structures like a castle or working balloon pub would need to be finished on site.

Lifesized balloon sculptures take all day to make and can run

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