Plus LeBron James, complaining players, and Game of Zones.

Until the lottery takes place and the 2017 NBA Draft order is set, draft coverage requires a lot of shooting in the dark. Without knowing where the Sixers (and everyone else!) will slot, it’s hard to say who they should be looking at in the area they’ll select in. If things break right for them, a player like Josh Jackson might not even be a real consideration at their pick.

But for now, he’s in the mix with everyone else. So it’s his turn to get the links treatment:

The Only NBA Draft Questions Josh Jackson Has to Answer Are Off The Court — Sam Vecenie, Vice Sports

These interviews can be the most important part of the pre-draft process, and what Jackson says could make or break what league executives think of him. On talent alone, he projects as a top five pick—but it’s hard to say that will hold until teams get a chance to look him in the eye, ask him about what happened, and decide if his answers are sufficient.

This passage is worth spotlighting for a few reasons:

The mental makeup / character stuff

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