Danny Ainge hasn’t said much about Lonzo Ball, which is why we might all want to start considering the possibility of the Celtics drafting him.

No one knows exactly why the Boston Celtics chose to trade away the top pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Rumors are circulating that there is another shoe to drop, that the Celtics are stockpiling draft picks to make a trade for an established superstar. That’s a real possibility.

Boston’s President of Basketball Operations, Danny Ainge, has a history of pursuing those kinds of moves, but he also has a history of doing so without actually executing them. It’s possible that Boston lands Jimmy Butler, Paul George, or some such similar name in the next few days, but, given Ainge’s track record, it’s just as likely that Boston winds up keeping and making the picks, too.

If the Celtics decided that Markelle Fultz isn’t actually the best prospect available, then trading out of the top spot makes a lot of sense. If Boston thinks they can still get the player they want with the third overall pick, then why wouldn’t they add another high first-round selection to their treasure chest of assets?

The question then

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