After sitting out the second half in the Celtics’ vegas opener, Ante Zizic took some baby steps toward his potential as a force in the paint in the Celtics’ 70-64 win over the Blazers Sunday. Summer League coach Walter McCarty spoke with CelticsBlog about Zizic’s development.

LAS VEGAS – Ante Zizic is a big man, which has its pros and cons. There were few players he competed against in Europe who could push him around and make him uncomfortable. But now he’s playing in the NBA, where everyone is faster, stronger and more tenacious.

So it wasn’t shocking when Zizic had a rough start in his first game in Vegas, not even playing in the second half of his fourth game in six days. But he woke up against the Portland Trail Blazers Sunday, finding his rhythm start to finish in a 70-64 win. The rookie finished with 9 points, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks in 27 minutes, after playing just 10 minutes the previous night.

Zizic got off to a solid start, setting good screen and rolls to work the defense and open looks for off-ball player like Jaylen Brown.

Starting off strong from behind the

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