(Keith Allison/Flickr Creative Commons)

While most of America was reacting (or overreacting) to the “real” Gordon Hayward decision, or celebrating the day our Founding Fathers let freedom ring across the nation, the Brooklyn Nets finally dealt their first hand in free agency. It was heavily foreseen leading up to July, but on Tuesday night, the Nets signed restricted free agent Otto Porter to a four-year max offer sheet, worth $106 million.

Your gut reaction might be: Wow, the Nets finally did something in free agency! Your next reaction is probably: Whoa, $106 million through four years? That’s an average of $26.5 million per year! Or maybe: Oh damn, well, the Wizards are going to match anyway.

The magic of money in free agency

Money talks in free agency. It’s one of the few things that entices free agents in their decisions. Even more importantly, though, it’s impossible for teams to attain any cherished prizes without possessing a flexible amount of cap room. The Nets entered July with roughly $34 million in cap space, which evidently, will be eaten up substantially by Porter, if Washington opts to not match the offer sheet.

The Nets can generate up to $34 million in cap space.

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